Who we are ?

  • We provide comprehensive solutions for our clients, from scientific discovery to marketing communication, all a while assisting in improved patient outcomes and staying ahead of the changing healthcare landscape.
  • Our expertise constitutes several fields that include life science, engineering, healthcare, medicine, and we also have clients all over the world.

What we do?

  • We supply wide range of services that includes:
    1. Scientific and medical writing
    2. Formatting
    3. Peer reviewing
    4. Collection and analysis of data in academic, scientific, regulatory business,  healthcare and technology.
  • We assist them for  the production of manuscripts and research papers in  addition with the creation of abstracts and posters, case studies, slide decks & proof based response documents.
  • We help them with life science, pharma, medical device producers, clinics, healthcare professionals, payers, technology companies, and researchers to find a credible scientific and evidence-based writing partner.

Benefits Offered:

  • Aims in assisting research services by developing experimental designs.
  • We provide entire publishing support for a wide range of publications, journal articles, and books.
  • We will be with you throughout the entire publication process, from translating your theory or concept to a detailed report.
  • We help health practitioners, students, healthcare facilities, pharmaceuticals and device manufacturers to find a reliable writing partner.
  • We also have experts in fields such as life science, medicine, and technology.
  • We are able to publish journals with high impact factors because of our consistent and high-quality writing, in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, The Lancet Oncology, Energy and Environmental Science, Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, and The Lancet Infectious Diseases and many others.

Our Services:

  • Editing and Translation services
  • Publication Support
  • Research Support services
  • New product Discovery and Development
  • Usage of Physician Writing
  • Data Analysis and Machine Learning Services
  • Support of Bio-informatics Services
  • Scientific Communication
  • Development of Education Content
  • Medical Data Collection

Editing and Translation Services:

  • We provide excellent manuscript editing  service.
  • Editing is frequently confused with proof  reading that involves the modification of fixing grammar, spelling and other specious errors which seems to be the final step of editing process.
  • Scientific writing & editing involves  revising and organizing the paper’s  content to make it more concise and precise.
  • This process reduces wordiness and jargon to a minimum  resulting in an improved communication.
  • A research paper, notably a PhD thesis, will be benefitable when editing is done by a subject matter speialist who is fluent in the particular language.
  • For scientific paper editing we employ experts in the field who are either a native English speakers or have studied in mainland of Europe/United States.

Publication Support:

  • The publishing methodology can be  intimidating.
  • We convert your study into worth  publishable manuscript.
  • We also guide you throughout the entire  publishing life cycle that includes selecting the best journal, conducting peer review, manuscript formatting, statistical review & providing post-submission guidance.
  • Our experts will  collaborate in order to improve your manuscript, and our  services will range from journal selection to citation booster and everything between.
  • By using a wide range of value added Publication Support Services, we aid you in releasing your document in peer-reviewed journals.
  • We follow the  International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) guidelines to ensure that your manuscript material is concise, organized and cohesive.
  • We choose, evaluate, organise, and publish your document in addition to that we also respond to editorial comments.

Research Support Services:

  • The group of researchers and publishers  creates a clinical and scientific research paper that serves as a valuable resource for the practitioners and authors. 
  •  And here’s how we  assist:
    1. We offer a concise and experimental clinical Literature Search  for evidence-based healthcare, clinical case studies, meta-analyses and other purposes.
    2. Recognizing the author’s requirements to  ensure a significant scientific impact.
    3. Generate an engaging academic and  scientific research paper.
    4. Citations should be  used as needed.

New Product Discovery and Development

  • The progressive development of us necessitates a dynamic approach in order to  achieve successful and efficient outcomes that result in trustable, costly product with limited risk while achieving  regulatory  requirements and the everchanging necessitates of the commercial Taking this approach can help clients increase their chances of success.
  • Product development that is thoughtful reduces the project risks and encourages flexible & robust production process, highquality products to be delivered on destination  with on-time budget, meeting the expectations of the business and stakeholders.
  • Our research team detects targeted therapies for disease or condition diagnosis, remedy, mitigation, hospitalization, or prevention.
  1. Drug and cell biology studies, new insights into a disease state that allow scientists to develop a product to prevent or reverse the disease’s effect.
  2. Active pharmaceutical research, in addition to any other new scientific understanding may result in technological advancements & applications, as well as new scientific discoveries.
  3. We collect the  following data on:
    1. Compound ingestion, dispersion, metabolization and excretion – Replying Questions
    2. Its potential advantages and mode of action
    3. To determine the best dosage
    4. To determine the best way to regulate the medications
    5. Side effects or negative events – Toxicology
    6. What effect it has on different kinds of individuals
    7. Its interactions with other  medications and its treatment

Physician Writing:

  • We offer you  End-To-End Health Research Writing and Editing Services for Students who wants to pursue Medicine, Medical Science, Physicians,  Publishing companies, Doctors, Lecturers, Clinical Experts, And Medical  Interaction Providers.
  • We Aid You in Writing Any Health care Stream Subject areas of Medical Content and Publishing.

We Provide:

  • Mentoring and guidance in study design, scientific content, and methodologies.
  • Our physician consultants are all:
  1. Subspecialists in their respective fields
  2. Clinicians and scientists from prestigious medical institutions
  3. Editors with extensive experience at top imaging journals in the United States.
  4. Editors who have made decisions with maximum of 3,000 papers.

Data Analysis and Machine Learning Services:

  • The data is analyzed by our team of researchers and data scientists using modern machine learning techniques.
  • Here’s how we usually assist:
    1. We offer complete analytics and machine learning assistance for medical and health-care research, as well as for publication support.
    2. Our machine learning algorithm building services helps publications in high-impact journals like the British Medical Journals (BMJ), The New England Journal of Medicine, and others.
    3. Text extraction and natural language processing, medical imaging analyses,semantic analysis, deep learning usage,predictive analysis for specific therapy, algorithm flow chart or guideline making medical recommendation system and visual analytics for health  care system are all part of our comprehensive data analytics and ML services.

Support of Bio-informatics Services:

  • The Bioinformatics team provides comprehensive Bioinformatics assistance for proteomic and genomic data.
  • We can also help you in modeling your learning strategies, tools, and information in order to make your bioinformatics research studies to run more efficiently.
  • Here are some ways of Bioinformatics Services that we use for assisting you with your projects.
  • Our Bioinformatics facilities equip professionals with the techniques that they need to use effectively for assessing and managing large amounts of data.
  • Our solutions can be used as stand-alone services for bioinformatics works involving the analysis of genomic information and protein model construction.
  • Identify and accept the author’s specifications.
  • Publications in Bioinformatics are supported.
  • Our highly trained bioinformatics professionals will examine the information and provide a detailed report.

Scientific Communication:

Science can be conveyed in a wide range of ways, and our health care communication team offers the finest integrated and personalized  medico-marketing and conversion solutions to pharmaceutical companies/food and beverage companies.

  • Communicate complicated biomedical knowledge in a way that  is both scientifically relevant and captivating.
  • Advantages from the stream of scientific conversationalists from multiple disciplines.
  • We even provide scientific and medical manuscripts, medical billing and coding, MCQs for healthcare professionals, CME materials, citation activator, video abstracts, product and package label writing, posters, presentations and E-learning.
  • We work with pharmaceutical companies, equipment manufacturers, hospitals, health care advertising companies, publishers, managed care institutes, academic medical centers, and I.t. Healthcare goods Association

Development of Education Content:

  • We suggest educational content development assistance for education instructors, application developers, and executives all over the world.
  • We have experts all over the world who collaborate & work with our clients.
  • We provide various  e-learning (LMS) services such as game elements, learner autonomy, self – learning, multimedia learning, bite-sized learning, or rather peer-to-peer learning.
  • We create a custom solution based on the project reach.
  • We follow a strict but interactive process that includes timely feedback.

Medical Data Collection:

  • The enormous bulk of information is available in the form of medical notes, electronic healthcare records and prescription medicines.
  • Although this is a golden opportunity of big data in medical care, it is difficult to generate useful insights because of the complex, unorganized, linear and dense data.
  • We gather data from a variety of references and perform semantic annotation according to the research questions you sought to answer.
  • We gather all information from a variety of sources given below:
    1. Medical Records in Electronic Form
    2. Registries for Genome and Research
    3. Wearable: Monitoring their heart rate, blood pressure, weight, exercise levels and level of stress.
    4. Sensors and medical devices
    5. Other Clinical Data
    6. Health Insurers
    7. The Internet of Things
    8. Understanding of  the Internet