Planning your research:

At Statistics Consultancy, we understand the crucial role of well-thought-out research planning. Our services encompass prospective study design, data processing, and interpretation. We provide you with the roadmap to navigate the vast landscape of data, ensuring your research is on the right track. Our experts have an exceptional grasp of research methodologies, enabling us to guide you in planning studies that are both scientifically sound and practically feasible. With our support, you can embark on research ventures that lead to informed decision-making, sustainable growth, and profitability for your organization.

Report Creation:

Our comprehensive services include report creation that encapsulates the entire research journey. We excel in prospective study design, data analysis, and interpretation, culminating in a professionally crafted report. Whether you are presenting findings to stakeholders or submitting academic research, our reports are your reliable medium. We transform complex data into clear, actionable insights, ensuring that your audience can make informed decisions based on the information you provide. With Statistics Consultancy, your data is transformed into a powerful narrative for impact and understanding.


At Statistics Consultancy, we understand the value of your qualitative textual information. Our transcription services are designed to help you transform spoken words or handwritten content into a structured and digital format. Whether you have interviews, focus group discussions, or any other qualitative data, our skilled professionals are here to create accurate and comprehensive transcriptions.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, ensuring that every word is transcribed with precision. We offer both manual and software-based transcription options to suit your specific needs. With our assistance, you can efficiently manage and analyze your qualitative data, making it easier to derive valuable insights and draw meaningful conclusions from your research.

Research Techniques:

We understand that the methodology used in research plays a crucial role in the quality of results obtained. Our team of experts, comprising statisticians, data scientists, and economists, is well-versed in a wide range of research techniques. From prospective study design to data processing, interpretation, and the development of a comprehensive research framework, we have you covered. We leverage various research tools, including surveys and interviews, to collect and analyze primary and secondary data. Our approach includes meta-analysis solutions, qualitative textual analysis through software or manual methods, and even coursework assistance in statistics.

With our research techniques, we aim to empower researchers and scholars to make informed decisions, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of their findings. We provide the support needed to navigate the complex landscape of data analysis and research methodology, helping you achieve your research objectives effectively.

Build out Tools:

We facilitate research development by providing tools such as questionnaires (survey tools) and interview guides. Our expertly crafted tools streamline the data collection process, ensuring you gather the right information efficiently. These tools are customized to fit your specific research objectives and are designed to optimize the quality of data you obtain. With Statistics Consultancy’s build-out tools, your research process becomes more organized and effective.

Knowledge Discovery in Data:

Unlock the hidden insights within your data with Statistics Consultancy’s expertise in knowledge discovery. We develop cutting-edge data mining algorithms, including clustering, decision trees, and mathematical models, to reveal valuable patterns and trends. Our data scientists transform raw data into actionable knowledge, enabling you to make informed strategic decisions. Harness the potential of your data with our knowledge discovery services.

Calculating Power and Sample Size:

Accurate determination of sample size and statistical power is pivotal in research. Statistics Consultancy specializes in guiding you through this critical process. We employ advanced methodologies to calculate the ideal sample size, ensuring your study is statistically sound. Additionally, we assess the statistical power to detect meaningful effects. Our expertise in this area empowers you to make data-driven decisions with confidence, knowing that your research is built on a solid foundation of statistical precision.

Peer Review in Statistics:

For rigorous quality assurance in your research endeavors, Statistics Consultancy offers peer review services in statistics. Our experts meticulously assess sample sizes, survey power, test correctness, and data presentation to ensure the integrity and validity of your research. We provide constructive feedback and insights to enhance the reliability of your findings. With our peer review in statistics, you can be confident that your research is methodologically robust and aligned with the highest standards of statistical practice.

Tutoring / Training in Statistics:

Our commitment to enhancing statistical literacy extends to providing 24/7 online tutoring and training services. Whether you’re a student seeking assistance with statistics homework or a professional aiming to sharpen your data analysis skills, Statistics Consultancy is here for you. Our experienced statisticians and data researchers will help demystify statistical concepts, methodologies, and tools. We tailor our tutoring sessions to your specific needs, ensuring that you gain a deep understanding of statistical techniques and their practical applications. With our guidance, you can harness the power of statistics to excel in your academic pursuits or professional endeavour’s.