Our goal is to offer top-tier technologically driven clinical marketing research assistance to a wide variety of industry sectors such as biotechnology, medical equipment companies, and pharmaceutical industry

  • The highly skilled professionals of Statistical Consultancy have a proclivity for devising, making plans and executing huge research projects with an intrinsic aptitude and fervent optimism.
  • Clinical marketing research is required to assess the effects of new medical treatments on a specific population, evaluate the competitive benefits of alternative treatments and construct the most advantageous treatment permutations.

Our products and services

We provide a variety of outstanding services in clinical marketing research which includes:

Pre-Clinical Services

Under the section called pre-clinical we provide services such as safety assessment & in-vivo efficacy testing for cell-based forms of treatment, chemical entities, and polypeptides.

Studies from Phase -I to Phase IV includes

Our experience in clinical research has provided us  with a wealth of knowledge that we put to use in executing global research projects while also having a thorough awareness of the current regulatory framework, which we use to derive advantage.We carry out extensive research in all the four stages of clinical trials and then provide precise results that determines exact value of the drug being examined.


Here we conduct studies to determine precautionary measures to counter adverse effects of medicines in development or other relevant  drug-related problems.

Bioanalytical Investigation

  • We initiate and carry out a wide range of  bio-analytical research activities
  • Our bioanalytical research activities are fueled by a solid  infrastructure and our experts of technical expertise.

Tools Used

Experiment design, one sample evaluation, unpaired and paired t test, ANOVA, Analysis of covariance(ANCOVA), fixed and random  effect analysis ,Bland and Altman graphs, the Kappa statistic, and much more tools are applied.

Analyses of safety and efficacy

  • Pre-Clinical Research
  • Protocol Input
  • Clinical Trials and  Observational Studies
  • Meta- Analysis and Systematic Review
  • Public Health and Epidemiology
  • Environmental study, healthrisk  investigation, technology evaluation, clinical judgment, psychiatric research, and genetic analysis.

Serviced functional areas includes

Market research, analysis of supply chain, ads, automobiles, accounting and  financial analysis, and risk assessment.