Who we are ?

  • We provide comprehensive solutions for our clients, from scientific discovery to marketing communication, all a while assisting in improved patient outcomes and staying ahead of the changing healthcare landscape.
  • Our expertise constitutes several fields that include life science, engineering, healthcare, medicine, and we also have clients all over the world.

What we do?

  • We supply wide range of services that includes:
  1. Scientific and medical writing
  2. Formatting
  3. Peer reviewing
  4. Collection and analysis of data in academic, scientific, regulatory business,  healthcare and technology.
  • We assist them for  the production of manuscripts and research papers in  addition with the creation of abstracts and posters, case studies, slide decks & proof based response documents.
  • We help them with life science, pharma, medical device producers, clinics, healthcare professionals, payers, technology companies, and researchers to find a credible scientific and evidence-based writing partner.

Benefits Offered:

  • Aims in assisting research services by developing experimental designs.
  • We provide entire publishing support for a wide range of publications, journal articles, and books.
  • We will be with you throughout the entire publication process, from translating your theory or concept to a detailed report.
  • We help health practitioners, students, healthcare facilities, pharmaceuticals and device manufacturers to find a reliable writing partner.
  • We also have experts in fields such as life science, medicine, and technology.
  • We are able to publish journals with high impact factors because of our consistent and high-quality writing, in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, The Lancet Oncology, Energy and Environmental Science, Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, and The Lancet Infectious Diseases and many others.

Our Services:

  • Editing and Translation services
  • Publication Support
  • Research Support services
  • New product Discovery and Development
  • Usage of Physician Writing
  • Data Analysis and Machine Learning Services
  • Support of Bio-informatics Services
  • Scientific Communication
  • Development of Education Content
  • Medical Data Collection

Editing and Translation Services:

  • We provide excellent manuscript editing  service.
  • Editing is frequently confused with proof  reading that involves the modification of fixing grammar, spelling and other specious errors which seems to be the final step of editing process.
  • Scientific writing & editing involves  revising and organizing the paper’s  content to make it more concise and precise.
  • This process reduces wordiness and jargon to a minimum  resulting in an improved communication.
  • A research paper, notably a PhD thesis, will be benefitable when editing is done by a subject matter speialist who is fluent in the particular language.
  • For scientific paper editing we employ experts in the field who are either a native English speakers or have studied in mainland of Europe/United States.

Publication Support:

  • The publishing methodology can be  intimidating.
  • We convert your study into worth  publishable manuscript.
  • We also guide you throughout the entire  publishing life cycle that includes selecting the best journal, conducting peer review, manuscript formatting, statistical review & providing post-submission guidance.
  • Our experts will  collaborate in order to improve your manuscript, and our  services will range from journal selection to citation booster and everything between.
  • By using a wide range of value added Publication Support Services, we aid you in releasing your document in peer-reviewed journals.
  • We follow the  International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) guidelines to ensure that your manuscript material is concise, organized and cohesive.
  • We choose, evaluate, organise, and publish your document in addition to that we also respond to editorial comments.

Research Support Services:

  • The group of researchers and publishers  creates a clinical and scientific research paper that serves as a valuable resource for the practitioners and authors.
  • And here’s how we assist:
  1. We offer a concise and experimental clinical Literature Search  for evidence-based healthcare, clinical case studies, meta-analyses and other purposes.
  2. Recognizing the author’s requirements to  ensure a significant scientific impact.
  3. Generate an engaging academic and  scientific research paper.
  4. Citations should be  used as needed.

New Product Discovery and Development

  • The progressive development of us necessitates a dynamic approach in order to  achieve successful and efficient outcomes that result in trustable, costly product with limited risk while achieving  regulatory  requirements and the everchanging necessitates of the commercial Taking this approach can help clients increase their chances of success.
  • Product development that is thoughtful reduces the project risks and encourages flexible & robust production process, highquality products to be delivered on destination  with on-time budget, meeting the expectations of the business and stakeholders.
  • Our research team detects targeted therapies for disease or condition diagnosis, remedy, mitigation, hospitalization, or prevention.
  1. Drug and cell biology studies, new insights into a disease state that allow scientists to develop a product to prevent or reverse the disease’s effect.
  2. Active pharmaceutical research, in addition to any other new scientific understanding may result in technological advancements & applications, as well as new scientific discoveries.
  3. We collect the  following data on:
    1. Compound ingestion, dispersion, metabolization and excretion – Replying Questions
    2. Its potential advantages and mode of action
    3. To determine the best dosage
    4. To determine the best way to regulate the medications
    5. Side effects or negative events – Toxicology
    6. What effect it has on different kinds of individuals
    7. Its interactions with other  medications and its treatment

Physician Writing:

  • We offer you  End-To-End Health Research Writing and Editing Services for Students who wants to pursue Medicine, Medical Science, Physicians,  Publishing companies, Doctors, Lecturers, Clinical Experts, And Medical  Interaction Providers.
  • We Aid You in Writing Any Health care Stream Subject areas of Medical Content and Publishing.

We Provide:

  • Mentoring and guidance in study design, scientific content, and methodologies.
  • Our physician consultants are all:
  1. Subspecialists in their respective fields
  2. Clinicians and scientists from prestigious medical institutions
  3. Editors with extensive experience at top imaging journals in the United States.
  4. Editors who have made decisions with maximum of 3,000 papers.

Data Analysis and Machine Learning Services:

  • The data is analyzed by our team of researchers and data scientists using modern machine learning techniques.
  • Here’s how we usually assist:
  1. We offer complete analytics and machine learning assistance for medical and health-care research, as well as for publication support.
  2. Our machine learning algorithm building services helps publications in high-impact journals like the British Medical Journals (BMJ), The New England Journal of Medicine, and others.
  3. Text extraction and natural language processing, medical imaging analyses,semantic analysis, deep learning usage,predictive analysis for specific therapy, algorithm flow chart or guideline making medical recommendation system and visual analytics for health  care system are all part of our comprehensive data analytics and ML services.

Support of Bio-informatics Services:

  • The Bioinformatics team provides comprehensive Bioinformatics assistance for proteomic and genomic data.
  • We can also help you in modeling your learning strategies, tools, and information in order to make your bioinformatics research studies to run more efficiently.
  • Here are some ways of Bioinformatics Services that we use for assisting you with your projects.
  • Our Bioinformatics facilities equip professionals with the techniques that they need to use effectively for assessing and managing large amounts of data.
  • Our solutions can be used as stand-alone services for bioinformatics works involving the analysis of genomic information and protein model construction.
  • Identify and accept the author’s specifications.
  • Publications in Bioinformatics are supported.
  • Our highly trained bioinformatics professionals will examine the information and provide a detailed report.

Scientific Communication:

Science can be conveyed in a wide range of ways, and our health care communication team offers the finest integrated and personalized  medico-marketing and conversion solutions to pharmaceutical companies/food and beverage companies.

  • Communicate complicated biomedical knowledge in a way that  is both scientifically relevant and captivating.
  • Advantages from the stream of scientific conversationalists from multiple disciplines.
  • We even provide scientific and medical manuscripts, medical billing and coding, MCQs for healthcare professionals, CME materials, citation activator, video abstracts, product and package label writing, posters, presentations and E-learning.
  • We work with pharmaceutical companies, equipment manufacturers, hospitals, health care advertising companies, publishers, managed care institutes, academic medical centers, and I.t. Healthcare goods Association

Development of Education Content:

  • We suggest educational content development assistance for education instructors, application developers, and executives all over the world.
  • We have experts all over the world who collaborate & work with our clients.
  • We provide various  e-learning (LMS) services such as game elements, learner autonomy, self – learning, multimedia learning, bite-sized learning, or rather peer-to-peer learning.
  • We create a custom solution based on the project reach.
  • We follow a strict but interactive process that includes timely feedback.

Medical Data Collection:

  • The enormous bulk of information is available in the form of medical notes, electronic healthcare records and prescription medicines.
  • Although this is a golden opportunity of big data in medical care, it is difficult to generate useful insights because of the complex, unorganized, linear and dense data.
  • We gather data from a variety of references and perform semantic annotation according to the research questions you sought to answer.
  • We gather all information from a variety of sources given below:
  1. Medical Records in Electronic Form
  2. Registries for Genome and Research
  3. Wearable: Monitoring their heart rate, blood pressure, weight, exercise levels and level of stress.
  4. Sensors and medical devices
  5. Other Clinical Data
  6. Health Insurers
  7. The Internet of Things
  8. Understanding of  the Internet

Trying to adopt an analytical approach allows better decision making by utilizing optimization and knowledge-driven statistics in  a comprehensive way.


Our objective is to transform your dream idea into a commercial entity by combining our extensive knowledge of ingredients and methods to support you in making the best decisions.

  • In food and beverages industry, analytics would refer laboratory & nutritious evaluation, taste, olfactory visual perspectives and maintaining a uniform flavor.
  • Observing food and beverage production methods using statistical measurements to analyse appearance, aroma, color, flavor andsomeother relevant product characteristics is one of our amenities in food and beverage industry.
  • We also assist  organizations in determining and measuring the right level of deliciousness and consistency in food and beverages.
  • Trying to adopt an analytical method allows better making decisions by utilizing optimal process and knowledge-driven facts in a systematic manner.
  • It also allows us to maintain stability and a faster pace of analytics application, with the goal of having an overall impact with our client’s business processes.
  • Our primary goal is to achieve the greatest possible outcomes for every action we take.
  • It is obvious that only the right software, smartly applied by our experts, can accomplish this.

We help clients to target new markets and understand customer preferences for specific products by conducting research. The information gathered is then effectively used to optimize product packaging with concentration on size, to improve flavors and to generate new product variation. We start and carry out ‘What If’ assessment to investigate the effects of external factors on prediction & thereby outlining the demand.

Furthermore, statistical assumptions are created through the automated systems allowing clients to focus their attention on key predictions.

Healthcare Industry Analytics

We forecast that the healthcare intelligence will use data analytics to evaluate which treatment and facilities will lead to a better patient, servicer and economic outcome.

Technological developments are having a significant impact on how healthcare is delivered nowadays. Respectively,healthcare institutions generate massive amounts of data that must be strategically investigated in order to reduce costs, eliminate risk, and enhance  administrative duties.

  • Statistics Consultancy provides a vital service to healthcare providers by integrating business analytics into their operations.
  • We enable medical organizations to achieve knowledgeable conclusions, achieve better healthcare delivery and increase operational efficiency by applying business analytics to the available data.
  • We use existing data to provide valuable insights that are essential for providing high-quality medical services, managing costs and improving day-to-day processes.

In fact, analytics can be used to do the following: –

▪ Create multi-faceted predictive analytics.
▪ Reduce expenses
▪ Improve outcomes
▪ Patients should be empowered
▪ Follow the strict regulatory parameters
▪ Enhancing operational proficiency
▪ Malpractice must be eliminated

  • Statistics Consultancy provides a critical service to medical groups by integrating business insights into their operations. We permit healthcare organizations to achieve knowledgeable results, improve delivery of healthcare, and increase operational efficiency by applying business analytics to the available information.
  • We use the existing evidence to provide valuable insights that are essential for providing high-quality medical services, managing costs, and improving day-to-day operations. Indeed, data analysis can be used to create multifaceted forecasting analytics, reduce costs, improve outcomes, empower clients, adhere to strict regulatory parameters, enhance operational competence and eliminate malpractice.

We serve payers, suppliers, the pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturers of Medical Diagnostics.

Unique Services includes:

  • Commercial Life Sciences Services.
  • Provide real-world patient data and analytics by gaining an in-depth understanding of patient journey.
  • Designing and deployment of analytics-enabled patient care services by direct communication with patients and  providers.
  • Tracking of Commercial Execution: We obtain honest feedback on commercial activities in order to quickly test the tactics and messages.

We also serve:

    • For Life Science we are providing R&D and Medical Proof
    • Analyze the comparative results within subpopulations and test theories by using improved patient analytics.
    • Pharmacovigilance surveillance and evaluation enhances drug safety &risk management.
    • Population Data analysis: Allow for rapid hypothesis testing and easy cross-referencing.
    • Modeling and design of clinical studies uses real EMR information to refine resource and planning assumptions.
We use analytics in a variety of ways, including:
  • Contextual Investigation
  • Statistical Evaluation
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Analytics for the Mind
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation

Research and Development generally begins with feasibility study and planning


Planning is a linear executive process that usually makes plans as a way to achieve desired results.

The planning process consist of five sequential steps:

  • Identifying the problem/opportunity
  • Start and build research process
  • Make use of policy/programming
  • Implementation
  • Corrections and Evaluation

Data Mining

  • A process of sorting huge data sets in order to identify patterns & relationships that helps in solving business problems by means of data analysis.
  • It generally refers to the practice of analyzing enormous databases in order to originate a new information.
  • The techniques and tools of data mining assist enterprises to predict the future trends and aid them to make more-informed business decisions.

Calculating the Sample size and Power Required:

  • Sample Size actually refers to the number of observations involved in a study.
  • Sample size influences the following two statistical properties:
  1. Precision of estimates
  2. Power of study to figure out conclusions

Data Interpretation

  • It actually refers to the process of utilizing diverse analytical methods in order to review data and arrive at relevant conclusions.
  • The data interpretation aids the researchers to classify or categorize, manipulate, and sum up the information in order to answer censorious questions

Tool Development

  • The tool development process assembles at the time of review and summary of the relevant research.
  • The part of tool development process frequently includes discussion or consultation with the experts and internal products which guides the drafting and revision of tools.

Statistics Tutoring

  • Guides the students and researchers in designing their topic of study, analysis of data and interpretation.
  • The purpose of statistics tutoring is to provide reliable and understandable information about data analysis.

Data collection

  • The process of gathering and computing information on variables of interest, in an established systematic fashion that enables one to answer stated research questions, test hypotheses, and evaluate outcomes.
  • The component called data collection in research is usual in all the fields of study that includes physical & social sciences, humanities, business and many more.

Meta Analysis Process

  • Meta-analysis is a computable, formal, empirical study design used to orderly assess the results of previous research to derive certain conclusions.
  • Also, it is a statistical process which unites the information of various studies to discover common results and to pick out overall trends.

Data Analysis

Data basically comes from multiple sources. Thus, the analysis of data tends to be tremendously subjective. While there are several different types of processes the two wide most frequent categories used are Quantitative analysis and Qualitative analysis.

Use of Transcription

  • Transcription is essential for qualitative research because it is the one that makes use of qualitative data and information and converts it into a  text-based format.
  • Transcription is the one that makes data easier for analysis and sharing.
  • It lets the researchers to go well with the data they collect.

Report generation in research process

  • A research report is generally a well-fabricated document which figure outs the initial processes, the data used and analysis or the findings of systematic investigation done.
  • It is a crucial document that acts as a first-hand account of research process.
  • Report Generation is typically viewed as an objective and accurate source of information.

Peer Reviewing Process

The peer-review process basically subject’s scholarly work of an author or the researchers who are experts in the equivalent field and it is considered as mandatory for ensuring an academic scientific quality.

Research Methodology

Basically, this involves studying the methods or procedures used in certain field and also the theories/principles behind them which is used to develop an approach that matches your objectives. The term methods are specifically the tools & procedures that one uses to collect and analyze the data.

Statistics Coursework

  • Coursework or Homework is an important component because it allows students to  aid their learning through the feedback provided by marked assignments. 
  • Statistics homework, on the other hand, is critical because it deals with  all the data.
  • We will assist you in completing your statistics courses and tasks.

Agricultural Research Analytics

Our goal is to offer top-tier technologically driven clinical research solutions to a wide range of industry sectors, which include bio-technology, medical product industries and healthcare manufacturers.

  • Statistical tools can be utilized in a variety of fields to gain some insight for better decision making.
  • Agriculture is one of these fields because statistical analysis allows the prediction of the surroundings, fertilizer pricing, stage of growth, disease affecting pattern and many more.
  • The design of experimental assessment is particularly relevant to the level of cultivation, the amount of fertilizers required for a plant growth, yield and so on.
  • Agricultural investigation and interpretation are actually based on gathering statistical tools used to explain the relationship with the outcome.
  • Experts at Statistical Consultancy can effectively forecast the future of the agricultural products and ensure you in gaining deep insights of the product.

Our Goal

Our main aim is to deliver top-tier technologically driven clinical research  facilities to a wide range  of industry sectors, including biotechnology, hospital  equipment companies, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Assess, forecast and analyse individual products as well as overall sales at a retail outlet.
  • Purchase stock  products that are popular with customers.
  • Based on the results  of analytics, plan the product promotion activities.

Our products and  services

  • In retail, we use business analytics to help organization monitor, evaluate & create appropriate reports that assist in driving business, optimizing costs and achieve maximum ROI.
  • We offer additional solutions to the retail  sector that provide them with actionable insights which allow them to anticipate future trends and forecast potential outcomes.

In a nutshell, we initiate and carry out

Analytics for Products

By implementing product analytics, we enable retailers to monitor fast-moving commodities, allowing them to replenish their stock as soon as they are depleted. With the help of analytics, we can also identify the slow-moving products and prevent retailers from overstocking them.

Analytics for Retail

  • We examine, evaluate and provide detailed store progress reports by utilising key performance indicators  like overall income, profit margins, total sales and many others.
  • We incorporate sales data with the goal of analysing total sales and customer developments based on particular dates or  occasions.
  • The findings of such analyses are  successfully used by retailers to improve their operations and overall efficiency.

Customer Intelligence

  • To understand the behavior of customers and their preferences, we use enhanced analytic techniques.
  • This allows us to create strategic reports for recognizing the types of products & the quantity of products purchased purchased by clients, their brand preference and the impact of cost on their purchasing patterns.
  • This type of analysis helps retailers to plan their promotions tactically, segregate customers and gaining new clients while retaining the existing ones.

Targeting,  segmentation, and positioning

Most marketers/businesses find it difficult to segment the market into distinct types of customers based on the clients basic demographics, socio economic factors, geographical region, and commodity related behavioral characteristics such as payment,consumer behavior’s and attitudes.

  • Marketing Metrics-Segmentation and Sizing
  • Product/customer  classification & profile
  • Prospecting
  • RFM evaluation
  • Purchase probability analysis
  • Analysis of cross-sell/up-sell
  • Modeling loyalty/customer lifetime  value (CLTV)
  • Offer enhancement
  • Chum analysis/Modeling of retention
  • Analyses of brand/customer justice
  • Client satisfaction survey
  • Modeling and optimization of marketing mix

Measurement Instruments

  • Brand Name Recognition Metrics
  • Scale of product category involvement (PIS)
  • Brand recognition, Memory, and Recall

Statistical Instruments Applied

  • Conjoint Analysis [orthogonal array] and Principal Component Analysis were used to determine which product/service attributes are most crucial to the customer.
  • Factorial Analysis of variance, One-Way Analysis of variance, and Hierarchical Analysis, SOBEL test.
  • The Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) involves prioritizing all the possible criteria for examining IS outsourcing decisions.
  • Analysis of Logistic Regression.
  • Multiple regression analysis, neural nets, regression assessment, discriminate analysis.

Analytics for Inventory

  • Furthermore we started detailed inventory evaluation in order to assist retailers in effectively managing their inventory.
  • This is incredibly beneficial for retailers who need to track the product sales and maintain a consistent supply.

Moreover, we analyse individual store personnel performance, which assists retailers in improving employee efficiency by providing specialized training to all or key personnel. Furthermore, we offer analytical assistance to evaluate the effectiveness of retailers’ advertising activities in order to grasp the impact of sales promotion on key business verticals.

Financial Service Analytics

The revolution in information technology fundamentally altered the way banking and financial services were conducted. Likewise, the financial industry is undergoing a significant transformation today, with financial institutions embracing business analytics to drive down costs, mitigate the risks, and drive revenue

  • Statistical tools can be used in a variety of fields to gain insights for making better decisions.
  • Agriculture is one among these fields because statistical analysis makes it possible for the prediction of the atmosphere, fertilizer pricing, growth pattern, disorder affecting the pattern and much more.
  • The design of experiment analysis is particularly relevant to cultivation, the quantity of the fertilizer  required for the plant, yield and so on. 
  • Agricultural investigation and interpretation are actually based on the collection of statistical toolswhichis used to explain the  relationship with the outcome. 
  • Professionals at Statistics Consultancy can effectively predict the future of the agricultural products and  guarantee you in gaining deep insights about the product.

Reason behind why you want to choose us?

  • Statistics Consultancy provides exceptional services to financial institutions, assisting them in addressing potential business issues by providing in-depth business insights, strategic planning, and improved performance.
  • This is accomplished by gaining access to data captured during operating processes and efficiently transforming it into valid and data value.
  • Our banking services aid banks in understanding their customers’ changing requirements and customize  their services accordingly.
  • We use effective data mining and sophisticated analytical tools  to assist financial institutions to avoid market fluctuations, reduce the risk of fraud & manage exposure risk.
  • We even used predictors and multivariate descriptive analytics  to investigate the use of credit scores.
  • We have improved the way financial institutions segregate, concentrate, obtain, and retain customers by extracting data from them. Furthermore, our services enable banks in improving their risk management, gain a better knowledge of their customers and enable risk and fraud assessment in order to help them build a secure and financially viable customer base.

Our products and services

  • We provide exceptional services to financial firms, assisting them in their efforts to address potential business issues by  providing indepth market insight, strategic planning, and improved performance. 
  • This is accomplished by gaining access to data captured during operational procedures and effectively  transforming it into valid & significant information.

We use the following components in our  business analytics for financial institutions and the tools include:

  • Management of Risk
  • Treasury Intelligence
  • Customer  management via multiple channels

Business Intelligence

At financial institutions a scheduled approach is used to provide key aspects such as analysis, request, documenting, scorecards, and performance measures to the users, allowing them to derive conclusive inferences that improve decision making.

Analytic Applications

We also implement intrinsic applications which merges data models, business  analytic capabilities, documents and process workflows that are essential for addressing specific business problems.

Performance of Financial Analytics & Strategy Management

To simplify financial results and strategy administration in financial institutions, we help them to achieve budgeting and making plans, financial consolidation, strategy administration, and score carding.

Advanced Analytics

In advanced analytics, we use predictive modelling, knowledge extraction, ‘what if’ simulation, text analytics and statistics to effectively study and make predictive scenarios and outline feasible prevention methods.

A digital insurance software platform enabled by the right insurance ecosystem can speed up the consumption of new technology and data sources to help new products.

  • With our insurance products and services addressing the dual agenda for business growth, we can construct new, handle the legacy, and convey the experience that today’s buyers expect.
  • Take advantage of insurance ecosystems  to implement changes.
  • It offers a transformation approach that is adaptable to respond quickly to future change.
  • Improving and automating our basic insurance processes will allow us in offering a better experience to customers, whether they are purchasing a latest insurance policy or filing a claim.Statistics Consultancy IT and security services along with the joint apps- led infrastructure modernization initiative which will help in strengthening our digitization strategy.
  • We merge the best aspects of Information technology Modernization and insurance.
  • Because all technical and regulatory obligations are handled by our professionals, you can focus on the most important aspect of your business: your clients.
  • Integrating entire digital insurance solutions into your portfolio or product landscape is achieved by our product platform and clever APIs.

Our goal is to offer top-tier technologically driven clinical research assistance to a wide variety of industry sectors such as biotechnology, medical equipment companies, and pharmaceutical industry

  • The highly skilled professionals of Statistical Consultancy have a proclivity for devising, making plans and executing huge research projects with an intrinsic aptitude and fervent optimism.
  • Clinical research is required to assess the effects of new medical treatments on a specific population, evaluate the competitive benefits of alternative treatments and construct the most advantageous treatment permutations.

Our products and services

We provide a variety of outstanding services in clinical research which includes:

Pre-Clinical Services

Under the section called pre-clinical we provide services such as safety assessment & in-vivo efficacy testing for cell-based forms of treatment, chemical entities, and polypeptides.

Studies from Phase -I to Phase IV includes

Our experience in clinical research has provided us  with a wealth of knowledge that we put to use in executing global research projects while also having a thorough awareness of the current regulatory framework, which we use to derive advantage.We carry out extensive research in all the four stages of clinical trials and then provide precise results that determines exact value of the drug being examined.


Here we conduct studies to determine precautionary measures to counter adverse effects of medicines in development or other relevant  drug-related problems.

Bioanalytical Investigation

  • We initiate and carry out a wide range of  bio-analytical research activities
  • Our bioanalytical research activities are fueled by a solid  infrastructure and our experts of technical expertise.

Tools Used

Experiment design, one sample evaluation, unpaired and paired t test, ANOVA, Analysis of covariance(ANCOVA), fixed and random  effect analysis ,Bland and Altman graphs, the Kappa statistic, and much more tools are applied.

Analyses of safety and efficacy

  • Pre-Clinical Research
  • Protocol Input
  • Clinical Trials and  Observational Studies
  • Meta- Analysis and Systematic Review
  • Public Health and Epidemiology
  • Environmental study, healthrisk  investigation, technology evaluation, clinical judgment, psychiatric research, and genetic analysis.

Serviced functional areas includes

Market research, analysis of supply chain, ads, automobiles, accounting and  financial analysis, and risk assessment.

In general, logistics is the detailed planning and execution of a complex process. In fact, logistics manages the  flow of goods between the stage of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet the needs of clients or corporations. 

  • We assisted the complex logistics industry to improve their operational rate, accuracy, and dependability when it comes to transport of goods by providing statistical services.
  • Business metrics have been tactically deployed in the logistical arena resulting in significant benefits for freight forwarders, 3PLs, 4PLs, shipping agents, shipping ports, airports, rail depots and regulatory bodies. Logistics is a natural process that generates a lot of data.
  • Our company’s success completely depends on a talented team and a great culture. We recruit, instruct, and collaborate with the smartest people in logistics and beyond. We create accountability for ourselves and our team through our set of core principles. Bringing out the best in our employees and ourselves.

Inside this, The data refers to:

  • Data scheduling
  • Tariff information for cargo
  • Data ordering
  • Data on billing
  • Data for servicing
  • Data for fleet mapping
  • Data on asset management
  • Data on RF integration
  • Data storage and allocation

Whereas most of the organizations collect and  archive data generated in this manner, such data is only used in operational processes.Logistics companies rarely use the vast amount of archived data to maximize their output.We connect this vast data archive and implement business analytics with the goal of driving an improved supply chain process and ensuring customer satisfaction, all while spending a fraction of what they normally do.

Our products and services:

Cost Saving Analytics:

  • Fleet maintenance is one of the most visible areas in logistics where costs can be significantly reduced.
  • Large logistics organizations have a huge fleet of vehicles that require timely servicing and a massive fleet means a large maintenance budget.   
  • We were able to significantly reduce logistic organizations cost of maintenance by gauging and developing favorable schedules for preventive maintenance by introducing business analytics.
  • The advantage of this strategy is that it enables logistic companies to prevent unnecessary servicing while still performing maintenance as needed and at pre-determined intervals.
  • It is possible to compare repair methods and develop a cost-effective strategy using business analytics.
  • We also use business intelligence to undertake root-cause analysis to reduce potential fleet breakdowns.
  • In addition, we employ real-time big data business metrics and AI algorithms to activate & execute predictive maintenance but also to avoid field breakdowns.

Workers Planning Analytics

  • We have been able to assist logistic firms in allocating their resources appropriately by implementing business analytics.
  • Statistical analytical techniques have been wisely used to maximize available resources by gaining a better understanding of their behavior and performance patterns.
  • The findings of this analysis have been used efficiently by the HR professionals to increase the overall productivity of individual materials.

Risk Analytics

  • Claim frequency and severity prediction modeling
  • Credit evaluation
  • Detection and prediction of fraud
  • Prediction of foreclosure
  • Structures of evaluation
  • Analysis of loss ratios
  • Pricing based on risk
  • FDA trial statistical analysis
  • Risk Modeling value 
  • Elasticity/severity/scenario
  • Analysis of Collection and Recovery
  • Extreme event simulation
  • Analytics for supply chains